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Rugged Laptops – Essential to Business and Travel

A laptop made for army must survive in extreme environmental conditions such as heavy rain, intense heat, blowing dust, and high vibrations, while having a display that is viewable in the bright sun. Just as an regular untrained person would give up if pressed into any strong duty, a regular consumer laptop would not provide the durability to perform under difficult conditions.

The Laptop Construction:

One of the main benefits between a consumer laptop and a rugged model is the ability to survive a drop. Rugged laptops are tested and designed to survive falls of varying distances. Consumer laptops feature a plastic chassis, which is enough for mainstream use. Most rugged laptops trade cheap plastics for magnesium alloy, which offers a superior weight-to-strength ratio.

The magnesium alloy is much lighter than titanium, and is one of the lightest and strongest metals on the planet. It can resists to hard dents and better absorbs vibration than any plastic materials. Magnesium alloy is also dissipating the heat much better than most metals. Rugged laptops also have a space between the bottom of the laptop and the system board, so, shocks
and vibrations are absorbed by the external enclosure and not the motherboard and the rest of components connected to it.

Classic Hard Disk Protection:

The most sensible component of any laptop is the hard disk. The hard disk is delicate because it contains sensitive heads and moving parts. Most causes of a laptop total failure is the fail of hard disk itself, so, protecting the hard disk is very important for rugged laptops. Rugged laptops manufacturers use various methods to protect this sensitive component such as shock pads, rubber rails, gel or foam casing or hard drive accelerometers.

SSD Drives – No Moving Parts:

SSD (Solid State Drives) is a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data. An SSD emulates a hard disk drive interface, thus easily replacing it in most applications. The biggest advantage of SSD is a higher mechanical reliability, as the lack of moving parts almost eliminates the risk of “mechanical” failure. Still the disadvantages of the SSD may change your mind when choosing a rugged laptop: SSDs currently have a much slower write performance compared to their read performance and flash-memory drives have limited lifetimes and will often wear out after a few million cycles. Even so SSDs are offered as options on many rugged laptops.

Water Resistant Keyboard:

A water-resistant keyboard features a special coating to repel water, preventing the liquid from entering the laptop and damaging the system board or any of the electrical components inside. More than this, some rugged laptops feature internal water trays and drain holes, which help
route any liquid that does manage to enter the laptop away from the internal components and out the bottom of the body.

Rugged Laptop Types:

There are three main types of rugged laptops: fully rugged, semi-rugged and business rugged laptops. A fully-rugged laptop is the most expensive type, and is mostly used by the army and people working in difficult environments.