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Lumus 3d 720p glasses

Lumus – 720p 3D Video Glasses

Lumus is the company that announced a revolutionary new product, a pair of 3D video glasses capable 720p video rendering. The lens creates a virtual display seen at a  distance of 10 meters by the viewer.

Lumus video glasses can play 720p videos. They can also play 3D thanks to a system working independently of each lens. When “off”, the lens remains a normal glass, but can be adapted for people with vision problems. So far, we know that is compatible with iPhone, in the future would be good to be compatible with a wider range of products. Lumus 3D video glasses will be presented at CES 2012, but until then, those from Lumus are seeking companies especially interested in the new technology from the gaming industry.

Lumus 3d 720p glasses

I find it amazing that they managed to produce such a quality product that offers portability and almost unimaginable graphic levels. Perhaps fans of movies and games will be the most ecstatic, but I cannot help wondering what effect it has on vision. There is still controversy about the fact that television lead to vision problems. I do not know if it has been proven that staying close to a display can affect the eyes, but I’m curious if there have been studies regarding wearing 3D video glasses, this close to the retina.

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Intel ssd 710 het

Intel SSD 710 Series With High Endurance Technology

Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) 710 Series with High Endurance Technology provides extreme strength and performance for greater reliability and efficiency.

Intel Corporation has launched a new series of SSD designed for data centers, Intel Solid-State Drive 710, featuring Multi-Level Cell (MLC) flash memory SSDs replacing the Intel X25-E Extreme. While Intel X25-E SSDs were constructed with NAND flash memory, single-level cell (SLC), more expensive, but reliable, Intel SSD 710 uses NAND MLC type flash memory of 25nm. The new series of Intel SSD 710 is equipped with Intel High Endurance Technology (HET) to provide performance and durability necessary for data centers, financial services, Internet portals, search engines and other demanding applications.

Intel ssd 710 data center

Intel SSD 710 offers the same resistance as SSDs based on SLC NAND flash memory type, but uses MLC NAND memory type, which is more efficient in terms of cost and has a greater capacity. Reaching an out-of-the-box write cycle of up to 1.1 Petabytes (PB) and is available in three versions, with capacities of 100GB, 200GB and 300GB. Designed for intensive I/O applications, Intel SSD 710 reaches a random write performance of 4K (2,700 IOPS) and random read of 4K (38,500 IOPS) and can successfully replace NAND SSDs SLC type memory or classic hard drives. Furthermore, the new series of Intel 710 SSD can replace multiple hard drives in a data center, which will reduce energy consumption.

Intel SSD 710 also contain security features and reliability. These include increased data protection in case of breakdown of current, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with pre-configured technology of 128-bit encryption to protect data in case of internal threats, monitoring of temperature and business interruption prevention.

Intel ssd 710 technology

The new SSDs can be configured by the user to achieve a write cycle to 80% higher, creating a very large storage capacity. Intel’s firmware enhancements include error prevention techniques, algorithms to reduce write amplification and error management system standards beyond Error Correction Code (ECC).

Western Digital Introduces New Portable Hard Drives

Western Digital (one of the most popular hard disk brands) has introduced a new type of portable storage unit. Actually it is a rack external hard drive called “My Passport Studio” with FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity.

Besides the high transfer speed of the FireWire interface provided, the rack has a pretty useful screen, which can display for example, the free hard disk space left, along with a user-defined label. The screen is visible after the rack is disconnected from the computer.

Also, is having a hardware-based security system based on the 256bit algorithm. It is available with 2.5-inch 320GB storage, 500GB and 640GB at prices between $150 and $200. All the drives comes with 3-year warranty.

How To Choose Your Laptop Bag

Laptops have become part of people daily life, a laptop needs proper care and attention as you have to transport it almost everywhere you travel.

Unfortunately, when people are purchasing laptop bags, they typically disregard crucial things to be considered. This probably due to most of laptop bags generally come with the laptop that they purchase and they can acquire that bag for free. Even so, I recommend that if you’re not short on money, you better buy a different bag to improve protection for your laptop. That’s
because average laptop bags may protect your device, but these average bags are light and their intention is to facilitate carrying the laptop while protecting it from basic harms, but not to protect it from heavy hits or drops, water, chemicals or whatsoever other things out there.

The next highlights give you the crucial standards that you must consider when purchasing a laptop bag. These are probably not the precise rules of thumb that can apply to all bag models, but I have collected from the basic features that an effective laptop bag should deliver..

Foremost, you should choose waterproofed. Water is the most principal obstacle that you have to hold your laptop away from. You have to be sure that the coat of the bag could keep the water off rapidly. If possible, you can ask the salesman a test for waterproof but in just about all shops you are not permitted to do so. Next, you should think about resistance to chemical factors.

Although there’s not often the case that your laptop is near to chemical agents, unless you’re working in an environment that sustains chemicals daily. Even so, your laptop bag could be unexpectedly touched with chemicals so you better look for a bag that can protect your device. Particularly if you want to purchase a genuine leather bag, it is good that the leather surface is clothed by rainproof and chemical resistant materials.

A last advice is to look for a laptop bag that is soft and flexible, with good compartment protection. An effective laptop bag should hold the device in a secured position, to avoid jumping up and down, protecting the device from excessive strikes. These are the top 3 standards that you have to consider before purchasing a laptop bag. You can also look for more information
on this topic, but I’ve highlighted up just the most vital ones.

Top 5 Notebook Accessories

Here you will find five of our picks for the best notebook accessories. The list of accessories inclde a portable flash memroy drive, an external hard drive to back-up your notebook data, a GPS receiver to avoid getting lost, a wireless pointer from Gigabyte and finally, a WiFi finder to help you connect to Internet for free by finding free hot spots.

1 – Lexar JumpDrive Retrax Portable Flash Memory

The JumpDrive is a portable flash made by Lexar Media. The drive is small enough to double as a keychain and works on both PCs and Macs. Lexar JumpDrive Retrax is a high-capacity USB flash drive that offers a practical solution for storing, transferring, and sharing various files. Lexar JumpDrive Retrax is available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities. It has a simple plug-and-play system that allows you to quickly store files, so wherever you are, your important files are with you.

2 – CMS Products ABSplus External Hard Drive

If you keep your most valuable information on your notebook, then, you must do frequent back-ups to secure your data. The external hard drives from CMS Products turns this tedious regular work into a plug-and-play solution. The hard disks are available in capacities from 80GB to 640GB (as of 27 May 2010), the ABSplus drive is an external hard drive which comes with automated backup software to help you create instant back-ups. You just have to plug in the drive. The connection can be made through PC Card, USB 2.0 and FireWire. The software will save your data in regular formats so that you can easily restore every file from your entire disk.

3 – DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver

This is a must have accessory for people who hate to ask for directions. DeLorme’s Earthmate is a little GPS receiver device that connects to any USB port on your computer and works with Street Atlas software to display your real-time location. The GPS receiver from DeLorme uses a special chip-set that allow the device to starts up faster, take less power from your notebook and can connect to weak signals much better. The device plugs into the USB port of your notebook and ships with Street Atlas USA.

4 – Gigabyte G-Max GM-FP Pointer

Gigabyte Technology’s G-Max consists of a wireless remote control for PowerPoint presentations and a USB infrared receiver device. The device can also serve as an wireless mouse, a USB flash memory and a laser pointer. You can also use it to wirelessly control your computer’s media player. Contrary to other competitor kits available Gigabyte’s model is wireless capable. Thus you don’t need to point
the unit straight to the receptor.

5 – Kensington WiFi Finder

With the Kensington’s WiFi Finder you can locate wireless network hot spots very easy and you will eliminate wasted time and effort booting up the notebook to find hot spots. Nowadays you can find
thousands of wireless networking hot spots all over the place. The credit card-size Kensington WiFi Finder is a quick and easy
way to find out whether there’s a open wireless spot next to you. With one press of the button the signal-strength indicator will tell you whether there is an open WiFi network within 200 feet.

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