Lumus 3d 720p glasses

Lumus – 720p 3D Video Glasses

Lumus is the company that announced a revolutionary new product, a pair of 3D video glasses capable 720p video rendering. The lens creates a virtual display seen at a  distance of 10 meters by the viewer.

Lumus video glasses can play 720p videos. They can also play 3D thanks to a system working independently of each lens. When “off”, the lens remains a normal glass, but can be adapted for people with vision problems. So far, we know that is compatible with iPhone, in the future would be good to be compatible with a wider range of products. Lumus 3D video glasses will be presented at CES 2012, but until then, those from Lumus are seeking companies especially interested in the new technology from the gaming industry.

Lumus 3d 720p glasses

I find it amazing that they managed to produce such a quality product that offers portability and almost unimaginable graphic levels. Perhaps fans of movies and games will be the most ecstatic, but I cannot help wondering what effect it has on vision. There is still controversy about the fact that television lead to vision problems. I do not know if it has been proven that staying close to a display can affect the eyes, but I’m curious if there have been studies regarding wearing 3D video glasses, this close to the retina.

Asus lamborghini vx7 review

Asus Lamborghini VX7 Review

For Asus, Lamborghini series is their top line, a series that combines performance with an aggressive look, yet extravagant. From the outset I will say that I was never a big fan of the line, not a fan of “loaded” laptop design and prefering a notebook with an excellent price / performance and a classic look. But of course this does not prevent me to recognize VX7’s qualities, where appropriate.

Technical specifications

At firts, let’s take a look at the list of specifications, to know what to expect.

– Display: 15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, TN LCD, glossy
– Processor: Intel Core i7-2630QM Sandy Bridge, 2.0 GHz
– Chipset: Mobile Intel ® HM65 Express
– Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460M 3GB
– RAM: 4 x 4 GB DDR3
– Hard disk: 2 x 500 GB Seagate SSH
– Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless N, Gigabit Lan
– Ports: 1 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI, audio, small card reader
– Battery: 5200 mAh 8-cell 74 Wh
– Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
– Dimensions: 402 x 309 x 58 mm
– Weight: about 3.8 kg
– Others: 2.0 megapixel webcam, Blu-Ray combo optical drive, backlit keyboard

Therefore, the configuration does not disappoint us, VX7 offering a top-line hardware platform, able to handle any demands.

Exterior and design

Asus lamborghini vx7 review

Certainly, VX7 is a laptop with a special design. Lines look sharp, and elements borrowed from Lamborghini cars stand out and make this laptop a special appearance. Appearance will be appreciated more by “style” notebook fans and less by people like me, followers of a classic design, approaching the ThinkPad series.

However, we can’t discuss tastes, and I’m away from saying that VX7 is an ugly laptop. However, I can say that it seems too loaded, too bright and too sensitive (will easily take fingerprints or scratch) for my needs and preferences.

VX7 is a massive notebook, imposing, measuring about 6 cm in thickness and weighing about 4 pounds, which makes it an ideal desktop replacement laptop, and less for travel.

Raising the display cover, the interior is impressive by aesthetics and the quality of materials used. Palm rest is covered with leather and trackpad and the buttons above the keyboard combines with the aggressive line of the laptop.

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard offers the classic style met by Asus laptops, with keys well shaped and spaced. Basically, the keyboard behaves very well in daily use, and the keys offer a good race, not annoying, without flex or noise.

Asus lamborghini vx7 keyboard and trackpad

In addition, the keyboard is illuminated and the illumination can be adjusted as needed. But, as with most illuminated keyboards, lights beneath the keys become annoying when you use your laptop on the desk, because visible light is around and especially below the buttons.

The trackpad does not disappoint, but also does not impress. It is not very large, because the size must blend with design, but it is very accurate. The glossy surface will take fingerprints very quickly and can be difficult to maintain. The two click buttons are perfect, with a very nice response.


Asus decided to equip the model with a 15.6-inch screen, Full HD 1920×1080 pixels resolution, which personally, I find an overkill for systems using Windows 7.

Asus lamborghini vx7 display

VX7’s display is superior to any laptop made by Asus, but could be even better: Asus provides matte displays with extended gamut color on N55SF or G74SX models, and certainly such a solution would have been expected to their top model.

Hardware and performance

If there is one aspect where we can’t complain about Lamborghini VX7, it is the technical platform and performance. Inside, the VX7 holds a quad-core Intel Core i7-2630QM, a dedicated graphics chip – Nvidia GTX 460M 3GB, 16GB RAM and two SSH drives of 500 GB and 7200 rpm (attention, we talk about SSH drives – besides offering dedicated storage space, they feature 4 GB of flash memory for a faster access to important information).

Lamborghini VX7 allows you to wander in any application in almost any condition, as a real fireball. Resource-hungry applications (graphics editors, working with RAW’s, 3D rendering programs), films of any kind and the latest games, all can be run successfully on the VX7.

Below you will find some of the results in synthetic tests.

Asus lamborghini vx7 design

– PCMark Vantage 64 bit – 9433 points;
– PCMark 7 Basic – 3103 points;
– 3DMark Vantage High – 8064 (GPU 6818 / CPU 17435) points;
– 3DMark11 Performance  1794 points;
– 3DMark11 Extreme: 583 points;

Of the games I played smoothly are titles like NFS: Shift 2, Anno 1404, COD Black Ops sau Dirt 3, all in maximum native resolution and detail. Of course, there are titles for which you have to cut a bit of graphics, such as Crysis 2 and Metro 2033, but do not forget that we talk about a laptop here, and not a desktop dedicated to modern games.


Of course, when we talk about the autonomy of such a “monster”, don’t expect too much. This is not a portable laptop, and hardly one that will leave the office with its four kg.

In these conditions, a range that goes up to three hours under casual use, with the screen brightness to 30%, is appreciated. Of course, in the daily use autonomy decreases, hovering somewhere at two hours or so, and when you run 1080p video content and games, battery life will decrease even more.

Other details

Various aspects should be more or less important to mention here, starting with the two megapixel webcam, continuing with Blu-Ray Combo optical drive, leading connectivity (Wireless N, Bluetooth, Gigabit LAN) and ending with the fact that laptop does not heat up excessively and is not noisy, not even under high load (running some games for a few hours).


Lamborghini VX7 is not a bad laptop. On the contrary, is a well-built and powerful laptop. And for those who appreciate styling, you will find it very nice.

Asus Lamborghini VX7 is a powerful gaming laptop for those who want a portable to amaze, to attract the eyes of others. Performance comes as a plus, not being able to miss from a laptop bearing the Lamborghini automobiles logo. But surely this is a secondary element of the success of the exclusive series from Asus.

If we take VX7 for a comparation, we see that it does not differ very much from an Asus G53SW or G53SX (except outside, the hardware differences are quite small), and the two are considerably cheaper (by about $1000) and they show no harm at all. In addition, the slightly larger, Asus G74 offers superior performance and extra features at a price lower than that of the Lamborghini VX7 laptop.

That said, it is up to you to decide if the Lamborghini VX7 justifies its price.

Toshiba thrive 7 tablet

7-inch Toshiba Thrive – Official Details

Toshiba launches new series Thrive tablets with a display diagonal of 7-inches. There is no news regarding hardware details or software. Toshiba Thrive runs Android 3.2 HoneyComb and is driven by Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset technology with dual-core CPU at 1 GHz.

The screen resolution is 1280×720 pixels, relying on Backlit LED technology. Storage capacity of this tablet is 16 or 32 GB.

Tablet thickness is 12.1 mm – you can view some images below:

Toshiba thrive 7 tablet

Toshiba thrive 7 tablet pc

It will be an interesting release, but do not expect the price to be less than $400.

Dell alienware aurora gaming desktop

Gaming Desktop From Dell – Alienware Aurora

The new launched Dell gaming desktop system is called Alienware Aurora and is especially designed for very demanding gamers. The new gaming system released by Dell has a cinematographic design inspired by aliens and has support for AMD CrossFireX technology that allows installation of two video cards to achieve exceptional performance in terms of rendering 3D images.

The system is built around the third generation of Intel Core i7 CPU, with six cores (+ one for standby mode).

This desktop not is not only equipped with one of the fastest processors currently available, is having an overclocked chip and cooling provided by a powerful Liquid Cooling CPU System and Active Venting system that offers additional cooling and heat dissipation in situations of intense use.

Dell alienware aurora gaming desktop

The motherboard is also based on the latest chipset from Intel – the X79 with DDR3 memory and is equipped with the latest SATA technology. AMD Crossfire X allows gamers to enjoy outstanding performance in 3D games, because the opportunity to install two graphics cards to run in parallel.

All video cards are based on 3D Aurora GDDR5 memory modules and provides a video resolution of 1080p or even higher. In terms of available configurations, those who want to buy this system can choose between AMD Radeon HD 6000 and NVIDIA GeForce 500 video cards, up to 32GB RAM memory and hard drives of up to 2TB. Furthermore, you can add an optional Blu Ray optical drive.

Alienware aurora desktop design

The audio equipment of Alienware Aurora is also a plus. The system is equipped with Internal 7.1 High-Definition Performance Audio MAXX Waves software, and can be upgraded to Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio or Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium, depending on the customer needs.

With so many excellent technical specifications, the price is comparable. So those who want to buy such a Dell gaming system should pop from their pockets about $1500, which is the price for the standard configuration.

Samsung 5 series ultrabook

Samsung Announces The 5 Series Ultrabook’s

Samsung announced two new models in the ultrabook range. The new portables are equipped with Intel Core i5 CPU’s, but only one of them falls into the Ultrabook category, under the umbrella of Intel.

They are both part of Chromebook’s range, equipped with Andoid OS. The two models come with screens of 13″ and 14″ and are equipped with SSD HDD’s and a generous size of 8GB RAM. Since one of these two models fulfills the criteria imposed by Intel, for the Ultrabook range, it has successfully received the Ultrabook name.

Samsung 5 series with 13-inch diagonal comes with 500GB HDD and 16GB SSD, a kind of hybrid storage. The video card is Intel integrated, featuring USB 3.0, VGA and HDMI ports. It has 14.9mm thick, weighs 1.4 pounds and comes with an anti-reflective screen.

Samsung 5 series ultrabook

The 14-inch model is 20.9 mm thick and weighs 1.8 kg. It has aluminum casing and supports a screen resolution of 1366×768, is equipped with 1TB HDD and AMD HD 7550M video card. The company confirms that both portables have ExpressCache to enable the system to recover from hibernation in seven seconds, and Fast Start to restore from the sleep mode in only two seconds.

The two ultrabook’s will be available, at first, in South Korea by the end of December at a price of $1125 for the 13-inch model and $1341 for the 14-inch one.