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Fujitsu lifebook lh772

Fujitsu Launches New Models Based on Ivy Bridge in Its LifeBook Range

Fujitsu has launched many new laptops in their LifeBook range. Besides the LifeBook LH772 and LH532 which were presented a few days ago, now the company launched the first laptop featuring air purification system.

Fujitsu began on 9th of May to announce their new range of laptops. It began with two 14-inch models, the LifeBook LH532 and the LH772, which were officially launched yesterday. Company returns with more information about its new models, equipped with the new Ivy Bridge technology from Intel.

LifeBook UH75UH is a 14-inch laptop and has a 15.6mm thick at its thinnest point (being presented as the thinnest laptop in the world) and a weight of 1.44 Kg. The LifeBook UH55UH on the other hand comes with a 13.3 inch display – both models are available in red or silver.

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Fujitsu Boosts The LifeBook Laptop Line For 2010

The entire line of Fujitsu laptops has undergone a rebranding. There is now a single series of Fujitsu laptops: LifeBook. This includes models ranging from those costing about 400 euros, up to ultra high performance laptops with prices that can reach and exceed 2,000 euros.

Then, all models have received next-generation hardware from Intel platform Arrandale and running Windows 7 operating systems. In addition, some models have received and aesthetic changes.

Fujitsu laptops are not sacrificing quality, combining German precision with Japanese quality (all Fujitsu laptops are produced in one of these two countries). In addition, it offers top specification (i3/i5/i7 Core processors, dedicated graphics card of high performance, long battery life, ultra connectivity) and solid construction.

However, in terms of design, the models from Fujitsu laptops look like 3-4 years ago. Keyboards are comfortable, but not chiclet type (as we see more often now), trackpads are rather cramped and the housings are massive and heavy in most cases.

The decision to merge all LifeBook notebook brand is interpreted as “providing a quality characteristic for LifeBook even for some models that are more easily accessible.”